Bubble Packing/ Blister Packing

For your convenience, Sierra Pharmacy offers custom monthly blister/bubble packing. We can package your medications into bubble packs (sometimes called blister packs) at no charge. All you do is pop out your medications from the bubble pack every day. Convenient, no hassle, and no confusions! This is especially helpful for patients that are non-adherent to medications, have too many bottles lying around, or are confused about what they take. Many assisted living facilities, group homes, and foster care homes use our services for their patients.

Our FREE bubble packing/blister packing service is just that--FREE! So take advantage of this great offer!

We also provide Med-Sheets (MARs), Centrally Stored Medication And Destruction Records Sheets, and Physician's Order upon request.



Provide us:

  • Your name & Birthday
  • Your pharmacy name and phone number
  • Name or Rx number of your medications
Call us or visit our pharmacy with above information.